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Synertek Logo I used to work at Synertek (1979-1985) as a Test Engineer and I have a collection of Synertek databooks from 1979 to 1985. In the last several years I have had requests for copies of some of the datasheets so I decided to start this page. In the beginning I scanned each page from the book and made them available as individual GIF files. This was done in order to keep it simple (for me anyway) and to minimize my web storage. Recently, I have begun to post the entire datasheet as a single Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file, although some of the devices are still in separate GIF images. Click on the link(s) next to each device outline and a separate browser window will open with the datasheet or page. There are many device outlines listed here without any links next to them; it just means that I have not yet had a request for that device. If you have any problems downloading these pages or you need any other Synertek datasheets, please see the bottom of this page for my e-mail address.

SY1791/3 – Floppy Disk Controller (FDC)
SY1791/3 Pinout
SY1791/3 Page 1 27Kb
SY1791/3 Page 2 46Kb
SY1791/3 Page 3 50Kb
SY1791/3 Page 4 52Kb
SY1791/3 Page 5 47Kb
SY1791/3 Page 6 39Kb
SY1791/3 Page 7 42Kb
SY1791/3 Page 8 52Kb
SY1791/3 Page 9 30Kb
SY1791/3 Page 10 25Kb
SY1791/3 Page 11 33Kb
SY1791/3 Page 12 20Kb
SY1791/3 Page 13 26Kb
SY1791/3 Page 14 19Kb
SY1791/3 Page 15 19Kb
SY1791/3 Page 16 22Kb

SY2101 – 256 x 4 Static RAM
SY2101 Pinout
SY2101 Page 1 31Kb
SY2101 Page 2 32Kb
SY2101 Page 3 25Kb
SY2101 Page 4 22Kb
SY2101 Page 5 18Kb

SY2111 – 256 x 4 Static RAM
SY2111 Pinout

SY2112 – 256 x 4 Static RAM
SY2112 Pinout
SY2112 Page 1 31Kb
SY2112 Page 2 31Kb
SY2112 Page 3 27Kb
SY2112 Page 4 28Kb
SY2112 Page 5 32Kb
SY2112 Page 6 28Kb

SY2114/A – 1024 x 4 Static RAM
SY2114A Pinout
SY2114 Adobe Acrobat file 304Kb
SY2114A Adobe Acrobat file 294Kb

The SY2114 device has speed ratings from 150ns (2114-1) to 450ns (2114).
The SY2114A device has speed ratings from 100ns (2114A-1) to 250ns (2114A-5).
Other versions are also available: SY2114LV (low power standby) and SYM2114A (miltary grade)

SY2128 – 2048 x 8 Static RAM
SY2128 Pinout
SY2128 Page 1 30Kb
SY2128 Page 2 37Kb
SY2128 Page 3 21Kb
SY2128 Page 4 22Kb

SY2129 – 2048 x 8 Static RAM
SY2129 Pinout

SY2147H – 4096 x 1 Static RAM
SY2147H Pinout

SY2148H – 1024 x 4 Static RAM
SY2148H Pinout

SY2149H – 1024 x 4 Static RAM
SY2149H Pinout

SY2158 – 1024 x 8 Static RAM New
SY2158 Pinout
SY2158 Adobe Acrobat file 123Kb

SY2159 – 1024 x 8 Static RAM
SY2159 Pinout

SY2167 – 16384 x 1 Static RAM
SY2167 Pinout

SY2168 – 4096 x 4 Static RAM
SY2168 Pinout

SY2169 – 4096 x 4 Static RAM
SY2169 Pinout

SY2332/33 – 4096 x 8 Static ROM
SY2332/33 Pinout
SY2332 Page 1 29Kb
SY2332 Page 2 35Kb
SY2332 Page 3 34Kb

SY2533/SY2833 – 1024 Bit Static Shift Register
SY2533/2833 Pinout
SY2533/2833 Adobe Acrobat file 150Kb

SY2661 – Enhanced Programmable Communications Interface (EPCI)
SY2661 Pinout
SY2661 Adobe Acrobat file 35Kb

SY6545-1 – CRT Controller
SY6545-1 Pinout
SY6545-1 Page 1 23Kb
SY6545-1 Page 2 24Kb
SY6545-1 Page 3 27Kb
SY6545-1 Page 4 26Kb
SY6545-1 Page 5 43Kb
SY6545-1 Page 6 36Kb
SY6545-1 Page 7 22Kb
SY6545-1 Page 8 42Kb
SY6545-1 Page 9 37Kb
SY6545-1 Page 10 35Kb
SY6545-1 Page 10a 35Kb
SY6545-1 Page 11 24Kb
SY6545-1 Page 12 38Kb
SY6545-1 Page 13 16Kb
SY6545-1 Page 14 14Kb

SY6845E – CRT Controller
SY6845E Pinout
SY6845E Page 1 23Kb
SY6845E Page 2 23Kb
SY6845E Page 3 34Kb
SY6845E Page 4 27Kb
SY6845E Page 5 48Kb
SY6845E Page 6 38Kb
SY6845E Page 7 24Kb
SY6845E Page 8 43Kb
SY6845E Page 9 40Kb
SY6845E Page 10 38Kb
SY6845E Page 11 27Kb
SY6845E Page 12 40Kb
SY6845E Page 13 30Kb
SY6845E Page 14 20Kb
SY6845E Page 15 15Kb
SY6845E Page 16 38Kb (CRTC Register Comparison)

SY6845E Adobe Acrobat file 580Kb

SY6845R – CRT Controller
SY6845R Pinout
SY6845R Adobe Acrobat file 399Kb

Z8-03 – Z8 Microcomputer Protopack™-Emulator
Z8-03 Pinout
Z8-03 Adobe Acrobat file 53Kb

Last updated: 01-October-2006

Rev 2.02 (01-October-2006) - Added SY2158
Rev 2.01 (22-December-2005) - Added Z8-03
Rev 2.00 (21-July-2005) - Changed layout to use tables; added SY2114/A datasheets; cleaned up to be W3C compliant
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